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You guys know the drill, so please do have at.

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[ Phone: ]

Uh. Hello. I'm Rory, Rory Williams- I'm a nurse. Well, I mean, all the paperwork says I'm a doctor here but I'm actually a nurse, so. That's... not really the point. Just, you know, with all the snow it seemed like a good idea to remind everyone to dress for the weather if they're going out in it, and to be careful walking, because it's easy to hit ice and fall. I've seen a lot of really unpleasant bruising- and the occasional broken hip, which is a lot more difficult than it's made out to be. [ What, that pointed tone is not at all a hint to any bow-tie bearing aliens. ]

But- yeah, just be careful and try not to be out too long. Don't want anybody getting pneumonia. [ Ch- cheers. ]

[ Action: Yeah, okay, mister semi-buzzkill is totally out in this today on secondary option. Properly bundled, shoveling the walk at 1486 Kramden Road, carefully traversing the streets with his thermos of tea. God when did I start picking up such dorks. I mean. Bother at will. Entirely possible to get him to volunteer to shovel for you, entirely possible to hit with snowballs. ]
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[ Everyone running around wild and crazy, experiencing horrible visions, having to face up to their fears, their weaknesses- a turn in events that would be unsettling in any place, on any day. Rory is not what one could call an exception to such a turn in events, unfortunately. His general reaction is... to don his fairly recently regained set of Roman active wear.

He's not sure how it wasn't obvious to him so much sooner; a 1950s town, all white picket fences and completely deranged. Being married to Amelia Pond, when that was- when that was impossible. Still had to be another eight-hundred years left before that. None of it was possible. None of it was ever real, and how could he not have known? Getting caught up in the illusion (the incredibly vivid illusion, god) was unforgivable. The Doctor had said he'd probably go mad waiting, but he'd never thought he'd allow himself to.

Rory had a duty to see to- the most important person in the universe to protect. He couldn't let her down, could he? Not again. Keep her safe.

So finding what he was protecting would probably be a good idea.

People are likely to catch him a) wandering through Mayfield like a man possessed, steadily on the search for something, something is of the utmost importance. Or b) it's entirely possible he thinks he's found what he lost and has taken up standing diligently by it for hours on end- he obviously hasn't really, so here's hoping you didn't urgently need to climb that tree, check the mail, drive that car. Alternatively, during option c) there are moments now and again where his expression flickers between curiously blank and abjectly terrified because he would swear something is poking at his mind, telling him what to do and occasionally trying to make him do it- can't be happening, that, not again, he thought that was over with--

Yeah, it's not quite so likely he'll be a grand conversational partner during the final option. ]
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[ So back from the dead. Again.



Uncontrollable urges that are not his own. Par for the course. He does his best not to acknowledge those.

But when all is said and done, Rory Williams will still be getting his creep on around the... well, they're not unsuspecting citizens at all, are they. Eh, no big deal, he's still standing around behind folks, picking a couple up. You may find yourself turning around and suddenly face-to-face with the terrifyingly awkward undead, cape pulled up to the bridge of his nose and his free arm outstretched.

Whoops. ]

Uh. Hello. Sorry.

[ Amy, Doctor, possibly River, you may want to be particularly on the lookout for the day. To be completely fair, he'd want to find a couple of you on any day where things were slightly out of the norm, not to speak for days where he climbed out of his own grave. ]
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[ Phone: dated more towards earlier in the day. ]

There is. A large pink blob. Spreading in the middle of town. It's not even some random sort of- I mean, it's really actively taking things over. I can't be the only one who's noticed that, right? [ Sounding entirely like he really. can't. get over that. And also just a bit bewildered in general. Yesterday wasn't exactly conducive to a social attitude, even knowing it was a lot of clone-shenanigans, but this... there is no not mentioning this. ]

I guess... nobody... touch it? Or get too close, or- don't stick around if it crawls up the side of your house, anything like that. It's pretty obviously not going to be friendly. [ Big unspoken IT'S THE BLOB in there. ]

[ Action, generally: Guess who totally trips into the cherry-flavored blob later on. You figure, hey, I'll start heading to my wife's house and stick close to her and then you're encased in jello. Way to go, Rory. Way to go. Very much NOT eating his way out of it, though. There are a lot of people in here with him, you know; it just doesn't seem sanitary. So no, no thank you. ]
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[ Action, Morning, 1486 Kramden Road: Rory Williams bears no particular fondness for waking up to an entirely different life than the one he last remembers having- especially when his yesterday just so happened to qualify as the best day of his life. In keeping a long story short, he will follow a sequence of events. First, fall out of bed without any semblance of dignity or grace, because this is not at all where he should be. Naturally, the next step is for Mister Brit to start walking through the house with a proper sense of terror and morbid curiosity, examining the 'family photos' as he goes. Anybody is free to run into him for really strained, confused conversation. Or it would possibly be after he's had things explained, depending on timeline shenanigans, not that he'll be all that much more chill in either case.

Panicking? No, not at all, not in any way, he's so incredibly relaxed in this house, it's really charming in fact.

It's all right if he just sort of. Picks up a phone and finds a safe-looking wall to sit against while he starts dialing numbers that won't work, right? Clearly space travel is to blame for this lack of inter-universal signal, too, DAMN IT WHAT GOOD IS THAT CELL PHONE EVEN DOING HIS WIFE. Open calls work, don't they--

Phone: ]

Right. This- this is completely impossible, ridiculously impossible, and... you know, I can't believe that I actually just said that. It shouldn't be possible for me to be able to say that about anything by now. [ And yet he is always the one saying that sort of thing. Time to get down to business. ]

Doctor. What did you do and where are we this time?

Amy, if you're here, too, which you probably are... [ Not. Not sure if it would be a good thing for you to be here, quite frankly, but he'll be damned if he doesn't ask after you anyway. It's just always what happens- the three of them stuck on some kind of creepy new adventure together. Plus, he's only human. He wants his wife, it's not a crime or anything 8I ] Just let me know when you hear this. If you're around to hear it. I'll come find you.
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